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Why my ecodiesel truck or car won’t start? Glow plug replacement 


Is your vehicle getting close to 100k miles and you have this icon light showing on your dashboard? Are you struggling to start your car in the mornings? or you took it to the dealership and you have a “plug Cylinder #2 circuit Fault” confusing code showing?

That’s a sign that its time to change your glow plug! GLOW PLUG? A glow plug causes your vehicle to struggle to start up in the mornings! Especially in the wintertime. Recently here at Aidens Diesel & Auto Repair we worked on a Jeep Cherokee Ecodiesel V6 which had this same problem! –

To start off we had to remove the fuel rails, the intake, and the turbo pipe. – To remove the intake we had to work with tight spaces – Glow plugs were very fragile so we had to use a special tool to remove the glow plug. It took us about 16 hours to get it done because it’s a job that requires patience.

But at the end of the day, we had a happy customer! So if you have this mechanical issues we hope this video helped you out and know that Aden’s & diesel and auto repair are here to help you with this give us a call at (505) 242-0669 or visit us at 1515 Coors blvd 87121 NW


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